Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn break up after 6 years of togetherness

They spotted together in late 2016. They have worked hard to keep their romance private over the years.

First few month of relationship Swift & Alwyn were able to keep the matter hidden but in May 2017 it revealed to the world.

At the beginning of their love story, Grammy winner Swift was creating her sixth studio album.

The album was an introduction to Swift's new relationship. Songs like "Delicate", "Gorgeous", " Call it what you want" were recorded.

In " Call it what you want" song Swift addressed the beginning of her relationship with Alwyn.

In September 2018 during  an interview with British Vogue Alwyn Publicly addressed his relationship with Swift for the first time explaining the reason to keep their romance private

Much of Swift's seventh studio album, lover released in Aug 2019 is about relationship with  Alwyn. In that track Swift revealed that they had been together for three summers.