Taylor Swift Joe Alwyn break up after 6 years

Taylor Swift Joe Alwyn break up

Taylor Swift & Joe Alwyn break up after 6 years of togetherness. Joseph Matthew Alwyn and Taylor Alison Swift were dating for 6 years but now after 6 years they break up.

Taylor Swift Joe Alwyn break up

Who is Swift?

Taylor Alison Swift is an American singer and songwriter. She is a very famous singer and also songwriter. She wins more than 500 awards including Grammy Award for her outstanding music and entertainment performances.

She born on 13 December 1989 at West Reading, Pennsylvania, USA but after some years at age of 14 she moved to Nashville to become a country artist.

Who is Alwyn?

Joseph Matthew Alwyn is an English Actor. He made many films and drama at different different role in a good way. He accolades including a Trophee Chopard, a Critics Choice Movie Award, a Satellite Award and a Grammy Award.

He born on 21 February 1991 at Royal Tunbridge Wells, Kent, England and raised on North London. He also a songwriter.

How did they meet each other?

Since they both are in the field of entertainment, so there is so many chances to meet one another. They met at the Met Gala in New York in the year 2016 and from there they started dating privately.

First few months of relationship they were able to keep their relationship as private but in May 2017 it revealed to the world. At the beginning of their love story the Grammy winner Taylor Swift was creating her sixth studio album and the album was an introduction to their relationship, songs like “Delicate”, “Gorgeous”, and “Call It What You Want” were recorded.

In the song “Call It What You Want” Swift addressed her relationship with Joe Alwyn. In September 2018 in an interview with British Vogue Alwyn publicly addressed about his relationship with Swift.

Taylor swift and Joe Alwyn

Much of Swift’s seventh studio, lover released in August 2019 is about relationship with Alwyn. In that track Swift revealed that they had been together since three summers. In 2021 couple revealed that they live together in a £7 million home in North London, although she frequently returns to the US.

How long have they been in relationship?

According to a report from Entertainment Tonight they are separated after 6 years of togetherness. Sources also confirmed in people and page six.

The break up was amicable and “it was not dramatic” according to ET. The break up apparently occurred a few weeks ago.

The pair not only was a couple, also musical collaborator. At press time neither Swift nor Alwyn commented on break up.

Rapido Bike Taxi News Updates 2023

Rapido Bike Taxi

Rapido bike taxi services are India’s most leading bike taxi services covering 100+ cities across India. According to Rapido’s website it crossed 10 million happy customers and 100 million rides.

Over the year Rapido advertising through various channels. Sometimes its roadside ad, big banner ad outside of railway stations, bus stops. But in 2023 Rapido has taken an outstanding steps for the advertising.

Rapido Bike Taxi Campaign in IPL 2023

Rapido launches a video campaign for IPL 2023 that “BIKE WALI TAXI sabse saxi” where clearly shows that a girl don’t want to go by the crowded bus and she book a rapido bike taxi to go easily to her destination without getting stuck in traffic jam.

Incidents happens with Rapido riders:

Rapido riders faces many more incidents specially the problem done by auto drivers in different different locations. Specially around Bangalore city auto drivers still making problems with Rapido riders.

Their problem with white board bike riders. They mention that “we bought a vehicle Rs. 3 lakh and we are paying huge amount as taxes , you bike rider people earning money with your private vehicle” and bike riders taking their passengers but it doesn’t make sense. If a passenger book an auto that passenger can never go through bike as because biker rider can’t find this passenger at all.

Some videos also goes viral on internet, they abuse the riders mentally even sometimes auto drivers start fighting physically with the rider.

Viral videos and Photos abusing riders

At Indiranagar Metro Station

Others places where auto drivers harasses bike drivers

  • Marathahalli
  • Hopefarm Signal
  • Majestic
  • Kudlu gate
  • Yeswanthpura and many more.

Again the auto drivers called strikes on demanding bike taxi ban in Bangalore but Government didn’t accept their demand, still bike taxi policy is on hold.

We want protection from auto driver: demand by riders

Bike taxi drivers was called a procession on March on demanding protection against harassment by auto-rickshaw drivers. It was held on Freedom Park, Bangalore and organised by Bike Taxi Association.

“BIKE WALI TAXI sabse saxi” Rapido Bike-Taxi introduces campaign for IPL 2023 on JioCinema

"BIKE WALI TAXI sabse saxi" Rapido Bike-Taxi introduces campaign for IPL 2023 on JioCinema

Rapido launches its campaign ‘Bike Wali Taxi Sabse Saxi‘ aiming to drive consideration for the category in the e-mobility space.

The campaign created by Enormous comprises four films that showcase the Rapido Bike-Taxi as a smart and quick alternative for everyday commuter. Through this video The bike taxi aggregator company try to highlight its key offerings- convenience, quickness and affordability.

For the first time Rapido has collaborated with the OTT platform JioCinema with a digital-first approach. IPL 2023 is served by JioCinema as the lead channel.

“BIKE WALI TAXI sabse saxi”– campaign

The first film has been released, where the bike taxi service is pitted against the shortcomings of a crowded bus. The remaining parts of the film will be released in the weeks to come.

As a part of commitments make by Rapido to resolve daily commute problems and challenges and to improve travel experience for its lakhs of customers. Rapido offers its services 100+ cities across India by completing 10 lakhs of trips.

The company is already known as best bike taxi provider among the bike taxi aggregator in India for its time saving services during traffic peak hours.

Bike Taxi Going to Start in Delhi | 5 rules are there

Bike taxi going to start in Delhi

Delhi Bike Taxi Policy: Its mandatory to register two wheeler under commercial category along with installing GPS on bike to run as a bike taxi.

Delhi Transport Department’s plan for app-based bike taxi services has been approved by the Department of Law.

According to Transport Minister Kailash Gehlot, the law department had approved the aggregator plan.

Bike taxis are expected to be allowed to ply on the roads by May, he said passenger’s safety is priority but still still bike taxi’s are banned in Delhi.

Is private bikes allowed?

No, you’ll not be able to use your private vehicle under the new policy. According to senior officials it is no longer allowed white board two-wheeler in taxi. You must have the yellow and black number colored number plates which is registered under commercial category.

Driver’s identity on app

Driver’s identity will have to be given on the app and driver need a permit to operate the bike taxi. Transport Department will monitor the situation, while operating driver’s police verification need to be done and the companies will have to setup their 24/7 control rooms.

The 5 rules that should be obeyed

  1. Bike should be registered as commercial vehicle.
  2. GPS device should be installed on bike.
  3. Passenger should be able to book only through app.
  4. Driver’s police verification must be done.
  5. Along with DL driver’s bike taxi permit should have.


These information or data is not verified by knowledgegrasp.com. It is collected from DelhiNewsToday.com.

What is app-based bike taxi?

What is bike taxi?

Bike are the taxi service where single passenger can book a bike to travel one place to another place by paying some amount. It depends on place, time that how much money should be paid by passenger.

App-based bike taxi?

App based bike taxi are those where passenger will book the bike through app over internet and there the different payment option will be there. Passenger may pay in the time of booking or after completing ride.

Why GPS is mandatory?

Through the GPS taxi aggregator company as well as police can track the vehicle where it is and if there is something wrong happens they can easily track and solve the issues.

Benefits of bike taxi

Benefits as a bike rider

  • Rider can end work early because his targeted amount will be earn in less time due to traffic bike can easily travel through traffic.
  • Maintenance cost will be less.

Benefits as a passenger

  • It will consume less time to travel.
  • Fare also will be lesser.
  • Bike can reach exactly at your pickup and drop location.