Freelance Blogger Salary $1,00,000?

How much freelance blogger salary is? this question is a most common question ever asked by new blogger or those who want to start blogging.

Here is the answer for this question discussed, keep reading the article.

Surely you will be surprised ” how much money a blogger earns” , before u got surprise let me tell you the meaning of the term “Freelance Blogger“. A blogger is a content writer who writes article or post and he/she may write posts for any organization which pays him/her in a salary basis & definitely he will getting a fixed amount as salary.

But when he is a freelance writer or blogger their is a chance he is writing for himself or organization without having a condition like you have to work for us such hours and we’ll give you the salary. He will get paid for his amount of work done, if he works more ,will get more like that.

If you have still a small doubt on what freelancing means? Kindly go through this posts once.

How much a Freelance Blogger Salary

It is difficult to say the salary of a freelance blogger because they are freelance but from the past research some average ranges comes in to the picture like $50,441 to $68,699 per year in United States [ source ] and Rs. 43,870 per month in India [ source ].

How to get freelance blogger jobs

There are lots of websites are available on the internet who recruits or hires freelance bloggers and giving good amount of money as well or else you can search for the job in offline, for sure in offline also there are hundreds or thousands of companies are there to hire freelance writers and there will be both opportunities for work; work from home as well as work from office.

One thing you have to do is sign an agreement upon some terms & conditions.

How to become a freelance blogger

To become a freelance writer is just need some time and some ability to write something that’s it.

You have the both opportunity, either you start a blog from your own & start writing on it or find a company or organization for which you will write blog posts.

I have an article on how to start a blogging, you may visit the post to read in detail.

How do freelance blogger get paid

There is no fixed payment method or system for blogger. Basically it depends on both side parties i.e buyer & seller, which means the client to whom blogger will submit their works. It may be any online method, cash or cheque etc.

How to be a highly-paid freelance blogger

After lots of research and from my experience it is concluded that you must have to Know Your Value and get a big amount as freelance blogger salary.

In the market , specially online there are lots of blogger available to write posts & articles in a cheap rate and for them you will be confused about costing your works. So you have to figure out your work ability, expertise & experiences to fix a cost of your work.

Know your value

There are few places, marketplace or websites where you can look up rates for freelance writing work and there you will get a approximate idea about it.

Let me explain in a straight : $300 or more for a relatively short post( under 1000 words ) is a fair rate for expert freelance writer. A short post ideally only takes you two to three hours to write.

From the above estimation you can easily calculate a freelance blogger salary.

Now you are aware of all those things are needed to start you work. So, why late start your blogging journey now and earn money as much as you want

How to start from scratch

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