3 Easiest Tips for Finding Niche and Get 100% Succeed

If you are tired after searching tips for finding niche then you reached the final destination and no need to make one more search on internet about the tips. Don’t worry anymore, here is all your niche finding problem solved. I also searched these important tips but I was not getting at all.

Why does important finding a niche before start a blog ?

Finding and selecting a niche in blogging is the most important thing because it helps to establish a clear focus and target audience for your content. Having a particular niche gives you the opportunity to popup your blog from others, become an expert in your field, and attracts dedicated followers.

Before knowing the tips you need to understand the the “main concepts of all the game” (niche ).

What is niche ?

Set of super targeted audience within a sub-market “. Details of niche. Check it our articles on niche.

3 Tips for finding niche :

  1. Choose Market
  2. Select Sub-Market
  3. Choose Particular Niche

1. Choose Market :

At first you need to choose and select a market based on your interest and expertise.

Example of market
These are the examples of market

2. Select Sub-Market :

After selecting the market of your choice now you need to go for sub-markets. Sub-markets are also markets inside a market. When are selecting a sub-market then you are reducing you competition by 50% and popping up to your field.

Example of sub-market
These are some sub-markets under market of Health, Wealth, Relationship.

3. Choose Particular Niche :

After navigating to market and sub-market now its time to select the main thing “niche”. When you will select a niche like below example and described as above as because in your selected niche there will be less people who are writing on that , so the chances & priority of you blog will be high. And google will rank directly your domain and posts for the keywords related to your niche.

This is a example of niche under the market Health, Sub-market Nutrition., Niche Nutrition For Mom.

For the above exampled niche, ” Nutrition For Moms “, Those readers will come to your post ,each and every audience will be same who are looking for nutrition for moms niche, So there is a chance to build a community and your marketing will be quite easy. You can sell some products regarding by targeting them and earn a big amount of money.

Benefits of particular niche for blog :

  • Low Competition : Since you have chosen a particular niche , so there is a chance of less people writing on the same niche or topic.
  • Fast Ranking : Google can recognize that this blog is posting articles on a particular topic, so it will be ranked fast.
  • High Organic Traffic : Because of fast ranking whenever any user search for anything related to your topic google will show your website on top and people will go through your post , that’s why CTR ( Click Through Rate ) also will be increased.
  • More Money : More traffic means more money because whenever a site gets High organic traffic , google placed high valued ads on that site.

Congratulations! Hope you have selected your niche and almost you reached to your dream blogging journey , the only remaining thing is start writing articles by finding niche keywords for your selected niche and start earning….

How to find niche keywords :

There are some tricks to find niche keywords…

  • Search Keyword :
    1. Put the desired keyword (on which you would like to write article) on google search bar and see is there any website coming by answering your exact query or not.
    2. If yes, then change your keyword or check the results if you can write better article on this keyword go for CKD(Check Keyword Difficulty)
  • Check Keyword Difficulty :
    1. Open any keyword difficulty tools for checking KD eg, AHREFS
    2. Check KD for your keyword, if it is less than 20 then go for it ( For new blogger ). In keyword lesser 20 KD, it will be easy to grow your blog.


  • KD : Keyword Difficulty ( How difficult to rank on a particular keyword ).
  • Volume : Number of monthly searches on particular keyword.

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