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If you are looking to start a blog then ‘selecting a proper niche’ is the common challenge almost all new blogger or content writer faces. Because there are no certain niches available, people are targeting different different niches in blogging.

There are no particular fixed niches that content creators using over the year. As new niches can emerge over time and different bloggers may categorize their blogs differently.

1. Personal Development

What is Personal Development?

Personal development refers to the process of improving oneself in various aspects of life, including physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual dimensions. It involves a conscious effort to learn and develop new skills, knowledge, and attitudes to enhance one’s potential and achieve personal goals.

Personal development can involve a range of activities, such as:

  • Setting goals and creating action plans to achieve them.
  • Learning new skills or enhancing existing ones.
  • Developing positive habits and behaviors.
  • Improving self-awareness and emotional intelligence.
  • Building self-confidence and self-esteem.
  • Strengthening relationships with others.
  • Overcoming limiting beliefs and fears.
  • Pursuing new experiences and opportunities.

What are the sub-niches available in this niche?

Personal development blog can cover a wide range of topics related to personal development. Some examples of topics include:

  1. Goal-setting and action planning: Writing about how to set effective goals, create action plans, and stay motivated to achieve them.
  2. Skill development: Sharing tips and resources for learning new skills, improving existing ones, and developing expertise in a particular area.
  3. Mindset and self-care: Exploring the importance of self-care, cultivating a growth mindset, and overcoming limiting beliefs and negative self-talk.
  4. Emotional intelligence: Writing about emotional intelligence, including how to develop greater self-awareness, manage emotions, and improve relationships with others.
  5. Productivity and time management: Sharing strategies for increasing productivity, managing time effectively, and staying focused on priorities.
  6. Personal finance: Writing about financial planning, budgeting, investing, and other topics related to personal finance.
  7. Health and wellness: Sharing tips and resources for improving physical and mental health, including exercise, nutrition, stress management, and mindfulness.
  8. Creativity and self-expression: Exploring ways to cultivate creativity, express oneself, and pursue hobbies and interests.
  9. Career development: Writing about career planning, job search strategies, professional networking, and other topics related to career development.
  10. Personal growth and transformation: Sharing stories of personal growth and transformation, exploring new perspectives and approaches to life, and inspiring readers to pursue their own personal development journeys.

5 examples of blogs on personal development:

  1. Zen Habits: A blog by Leo Babauta that focuses on simplifying life, reducing stress, and cultivating mindfulness.
  2. Tiny Buddha: A blog that features articles on mindfulness, personal growth, and spirituality, with a focus on practical advice and actionable tips.
  3. The Positivity Blog: A blog by Henrik Edberg that focuses on positivity, self-esteem, and personal development, with a focus on practical tips and strategies.
  4. Personal Excellence: A blog by Celestine Chua that covers a range of topics related to personal growth, including productivity, relationships, and self-awareness.
  5. Pick the Brain: A blog that features articles on personal development, motivation, and productivity, with a focus on providing practical advice and actionable tips.

2. Health & Wellness

What is health & wellness about?

Health and wellness is a state of overall physical, mental, and emotional well-being. It is the ability to maintain a healthy and fulfilling life, free from illness, injury, and mental distress. It involve taking care of oneself through healthy lifestyle choices, such as eating a balanced diet, regular exercise, adequate sleep, managing stress, and avoiding harmful habits like smoking and excessive drinking.

In short, health and wellness are about taking care of oneself to achieve a balance between physical, mental, and emotional well-being, leading to a fulfilling life.

What are the sub-niches available under this niche?

The health and wellness niche is a broad covering a wide range of sub-niches, each focusing on a specific aspect of physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Some examples of sub-niches are:

  1. Nutrition and diet: This sub-niche is focused on healthy eating, meal planning, and nutrition education, including diets such as vegan, vegetarian, and paleo.
  2. Fitness and exercise: This sub-niche covers topics related to physical activity, such as workouts, yoga, and cardio exercises, and promotes the benefits of staying active.
  3. Weight loss and management: This sub-niche is focused on helping people lose weight or maintain a healthy weight through diet, exercise, and lifestyle changes.
  4. Mental health and well-being: This sub-niche covers topics related to mental health, including stress management, mindfulness, and self-care strategies.
  5. Holistic health: This sub-niche is focused on promoting health and wellness through a holistic approach, incorporating natural remedies, alternative therapies, and traditional practices.
  6. Beauty and skincare: This sub-niche covers topics related to skin care, beauty products, and anti-aging strategies.
  7. Women’s health: This sub-niche is focused on the unique health concerns of women, including reproductive health, menopause, and breast cancer awareness.
  8. Men’s health: This sub-niche is focused on the unique health concerns of men, including prostate health, testosterone levels, and men’s sexual health.
  9. Aging and longevity: This sub-niche is focused on promoting healthy aging and longevity, including strategies for preventing age-related diseases and maintaining a high quality of life in later years.
  10. Wellness travel: This sub-niche is focused on promoting travel experiences that promote health and wellness, including retreats, wellness spas, and outdoor adventure trips.

5 examples of blogs in Health & Wellness category:

  1. Wellness Mama: A blog that focuses on natural living, healthy eating, and wellness for families. It features articles on natural remedies, clean eating, and DIY ( do it yourself) beauty and cleaning products.
  2. MindBodyGreen: A blog that covers a wide range of health and wellness topics, including nutrition, fitness, mindfulness, and mental health. It offers expert advice, news, and inspiration to help readers lead a healthy lifestyle.
  3. Greatist: A blog that features articles on healthy living, fitness, and mental health. It offers research-based information, expert advice, and practical tips for living a healthy and balanced life.
  4. The Chalkboard Mag: A blog that covers a range of health and wellness topics, including nutrition, fitness, and beauty. It features expert interviews, recipes, and tips for leading a healthy lifestyle.
  5. Precision Nutrition: A blog that offers evidence-based nutrition and fitness advice, as well as coaching and certification programs for professionals in the health and wellness field. It covers topics such as meal planning, healthy eating, and behavior change.

3. Fitness

What is fitness means?

Fitness can be defined as the state of being physically healthy and in good shape, as well as having the ability to carry out daily activities without undue fatigue or exertion. Fitness is achieved through regular physical activity, such as exercise, sports, or other physical activities that increase strength, endurance, and flexibility.

Physical fitness can be measured through various tests and indicators, such as body composition, muscular strength and endurance, cardio respiratory fitness, and flexibility. These measures help determine an individual’s level of physical fitness and overall health.

10 sub-niches of fitness niche:

  1. Strength Training: This sub-niche focuses on building muscular strength and endurance through weightlifting, resistance training, and bodyweight exercises.
  2. Cardiovascular Training: This sub-niche covers topics related to improving heart health, endurance, and cardiovascular fitness through activities such as running, cycling, and swimming.
  3. Sports-specific Training: This sub-niche is focused on training for a particular sport or activity, such as soccer, basketball, or martial arts.
  4. Fitness for Seniors: This sub-niche is focused on promoting physical fitness and wellness for older adults through activities such as gentle exercise, balance training, and mobility exercises.
  5. Outdoor Fitness: This sub-niche is focused on using nature and the outdoors to promote physical fitness and wellness, such as hiking, kayaking, or rock climbing.
  6. Health and Wellness Coaching: This sub-niche is focused on providing personalized coaching and support to help individuals achieve their fitness and wellness goals.
  7. Weight Loss: This sub-niche focuses on strategies to help people lose weight through exercise and nutrition.
  8. Mind and Body Fitness: This sub-niche focuses on the connection between the mind and body, and how fitness and wellness can improve mental health and emotional well-being.
  9. Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation: This sub-niche focuses on preventing injuries during physical activity and rehabilitating injuries through specialized exercise and physical therapy.
  10. Fitness Technology: This sub-niche is focused on the latest fitness gadgets and technology, such as wearable fitness trackers, fitness apps, and virtual fitness classes.

5 examples of blog in this niche:

  1. Fitness Blender – A blog that provides free workout videos and fitness tips.
  2. Bodybuilding com – A blog that focuses on bodybuilding and strength training, providing information on nutrition, supplements, and workout routines.
  3. Girls Gone Strong – A blog that empowers women to improve their fitness and health through strength training and body positivity.
  4. Runners World – A blog that focuses on running and provides training plans, nutrition advice, and tips for injury prevention.
  5. Men’s Health – A blog that provides fitness and nutrition advice for men, including workout plans, meal ideas, and supplement recommendations.

4. Beauty & Fashion

What is beauty and fashion niche?

Beauty and fashion are two related industries that focus on personal style and appearance. Beauty encompasses products and practices related to skincare, makeup, hair care, and body care. On the other hand, Fashion refers to clothing, accessories, and personal style.

Both industries are closely related as they often work together to create a complete look or style. People who are interested in beauty and fashion may be interested in the latest trends, styles, and products, as well as tips and advice on how to improve their personal appearance.

In this blogging niche those who will write content, have no chance to avoided from bright future.

Some sub-niches available in this niche:

  1. Skincare: This sub-niche focuses on skincare products and routines to improve skin health, prevent and treat acne, and reduce signs of aging.
  2. Makeup: This sub-niche focuses on makeup products and techniques to enhance natural beauty, create different looks, and express individual style.
  3. Haircare: This sub-niche focuses on haircare products and routines to improve hair health, manage different hair types, and create different hairstyles.
  4. Beauty Tools and Accessories: This sub-niche focuses on products such as makeup brushes, hair tools, and skincare devices that help enhance personal grooming and beauty routines.
  5. Fashion Trends: This sub-niche focuses on the latest fashion trends and styles, including clothing, accessories, and shoes.
  6. Personal Style: This sub-niche focuses on creating and expressing personal style through fashion, hair, and makeup choices.
  7. Body Positivity and Diversity: This sub-niche focuses on promoting body positivity and inclusivity in the beauty and fashion industry, celebrating diverse body types, skin tones, and cultural backgrounds.
  8. Sustainable Fashion and Beauty: This sub-niche focuses on promoting sustainable and eco-friendly practices within the fashion and beauty industry, including ethical sourcing, packaging, and manufacturing.
  9. Men’s Grooming: This sub-niche focuses on men’s grooming products and routines, including skincare, haircare, and shaving.
  10. Beauty and Fashion Blogging: This sub-niche focuses on creating content through blogs, videos, or social media channels to share personal style, beauty routines, and fashion tips with others.

5 examples of blogs in this niche:

  1. Refinery29 – A blog that covers fashion, beauty, and lifestyle, featuring articles on current trends and style tips.
  2. Huda Beauty – A blog that focuses on makeup, skincare, and beauty tutorials, featuring product reviews and tips from founder Huda Kattan.
  3. The Blonde Salad – A blog that covers fashion, beauty, and travel, featuring outfit inspiration and style tips from founder Chiara Ferragni.
  4. Cupcakes and Cashmere – A blog that covers fashion, beauty, and lifestyle, featuring articles on home decor, entertaining, and personal style.
  5. Temptalia – A blog that covers makeup and beauty product reviews and swatches, featuring a vast archive of reviews and product information.

5. Travel

What is Travel or Travel Blogging?

Travel simply means to go or move somewhere. Travel can involve various modes of transportation such as airplanes, trains, buses, and cars, and can include a range of activities such as sightseeing, adventure sports etc. And do blogging related to travel called travel blogging.

Travel bloggers typically share their personal travel experiences and stories through blog posts, photos, and videos, providing insights into destinations, activities, and accommodations. Travel blogging can be a hobby or a profession, and many travel bloggers earn income through sponsored content, affiliate marketing, or advertising on their blog or social media channels.

Successful travel bloggers typically have a strong social media presence, engage with their audience, and produce high-quality content that inspires and informs their readers. Travel blogging can also lead to opportunities such as press trips, speaking engagements, and book deals, making it an exciting and rewarding career choice for those who are passionate about travel and storytelling.

What can be the sub-niches in Travel category?

There are lots of sub-niches available in travel. The 7 most common sub-niches mentioned below:

  1. Adventure travel – this sub-niche focuses on outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, rock climbing, and other adventure sports.
  2. Luxury travel – this sub-niche is all about high-end travel experiences, such as luxury resorts, private jets, and exclusive destinations.
  3. Budget travel – this sub-niche focuses on how to travel on a budget, including tips on finding cheap flights, accommodations, and activities.
  4. Family travel – this sub-niche is geared towards families traveling with children, offering tips on how to travel with kids, kid-friendly destinations, and family-friendly accommodations and activities.
  5. Solo travel – this sub-niche is for those who prefer to travel alone, providing advice on how to travel safely and enjoyably as a solo traveler.
  6. Cultural travel – this sub-niche focuses on learning about other cultures and experiencing local traditions and customs.
  7. Food and wine travel – this sub-niche focuses on culinary travel experiences, such as food tours, cooking classes, and wine tastings.

5 examples of travel blog:

  1. Nomadic Matt – This blog is run by Matt Kepnes, who has been traveling the world since 2006. His blog offers tips and advice on budget travel, as well as destination guides and reviews.
  2. The Blonde Abroad – This blog is run by Kiersten Rich, a California native who left her corporate job to travel the world. Her blog focuses on solo female travel, adventure, and luxury travel.
  3. The Planet D – This blog is run by Dave and Deb, a Canadian couple who have been traveling the world since 2008. Their blog offers travel tips, destination guides, and adventure travel stories.
  4. Expert Vagabond – This blog is run by Matthew Karsten, a professional adventurer who has been traveling for over a decade. His blog offers travel tips, destination guides, and photography advice.
  5. A Luxury Travel Blog – This blog is focused on luxury travel experiences, with articles on luxury hotels, resorts, and destinations around the world.

6. Blogging

What is blogging?

Blogging is the act of creating and maintaining a website where an individual or a group of peoples regularly post written content, such as articles, stories, or opinions. A blog may cover a wide range of topics, from personal experiences and opinions to news, entertainment, and professional expertise.

Blogging itself a blogging niche because here an individual can write content on blogging such as:

  • Blogging tips
  • Different different niches in blogging
  • Tips for selecting niche
  • Tips to writing quality content
  • Tips to write user engaging content

5 examples of blogs that writes content on blogging

  1. ProBlogger: ProBlogger is a popular website that offers tips, tutorials, and resources for bloggers. The site covers a wide range of topics, including content creation, SEO, social media, and monetization.
  2. Copyblogger: Copyblogger is a content marketing website that provides articles, courses, and resources for bloggers and content creators. The site covers topics such as writing, copywriting, and content strategy.
  3. Smart Blogger: Smart Blogger is a blog that offers advice and resources for bloggers looking to grow their audience and monetize their content. The site covers topics such as content creation, email marketing, and SEO.
  4. Blogging Wizard: Blogging Wizard is a website that offers tips, tutorials, and resources for bloggers looking to improve their blog’s performance. The site covers topics such as blog design, content creation, and social media.
  5. Blog Tyrant: Blog Tyrant is a website that provides tips and resources for bloggers looking to build a successful blog.

7. Food & Cooking

What is a Food & Cooking blog?

A food & cooking blog is a type of blog that entertained on topics related to food, cooking, and recipes. The blog may be written by a single individual or a group of individuals who share a passion for cooking and food.

Food and cooking blogs typically feature recipes, cooking tips, and techniques, as well as information on ingredients, kitchen tools, and cooking methods. They may also include restaurant reviews, food travel experiences, and food-related news and events.

Some food and cooking blogs are also written by professional chefs, food writers, or culinary experts, who share their knowledge and expertise with their readers. Many food and cooking blogs are personal blogs, where the blogger shares their own recipes, cooking experiences, and food-related stories.

Sub-niches of Food & cooking blog niche

Here are some examples:

  1. Regional Cuisine:
  • Italian Cuisine
  • Mexican Cuisine
  • Asian Cuisine
  • Middle Eastern Cuisine
  • African Cuisine
  • Indian cuisine
  1. Specific Diets:
  • Vegan and Vegetarian Cooking
  • Paleo and Whole30 Diets
  • Gluten-Free Cooking
  • Keto and Low-Carb Diets
  1. Baking and Pastry:
  • Bread Baking
  • Cake Decorating
  • Pastry Making
  • Chocolate Making
  • Cookie Baking
  1. Cooking Techniques:
  • Sous Vide Cooking
  • Grilling and BBQ
  • Slow Cooking and Crockpot Recipes
  • Cast Iron Cooking
  1. Food Photography and Styling:
  • Food Photography Tips
  • Styling and Presentation Techniques
  • Lighting and Editing Techniques
  • Recipe Videos and Tutorials
  • Food Blogging and Social Media Marketing
  1. Food History and Culture:
  • Culinary History and Heritage
  • Food Science and Nutrition
  • Food Anthropology and Sociology
  • Food Politics and Ethics
  • Food Tourism and Travel

5 examples of food blog

  1. Smitten Kitchen– This blog is run by Deb Perelman and features recipes and cooking tips for home cooks. The recipes are typically easy to make and use everyday ingredients.
  2. Serious Eats – This blog features recipes, cooking techniques, and food science articles, as well as restaurant reviews and food news. The site has a team of editors and contributors who cover a wide range of topics.
  3. The Kitchn– This blog features recipes, kitchen tips, and product reviews, as well as home and garden content. The site has a team of editors and contributors who cover a wide range of topics.
  4. Pinch of Yum – This blog is run by Lindsay Ostrom and features recipes and food photography tips. The recipes are often easy to make and focus on comfort food and family-friendly meals.
  5. Minimalist Baker: Minimalist Baker is a food blog that specializes in vegan and gluten-free recipes that require 10 ingredients or less and 30 minutes or less to prepare. The blog offers a wide range of dishes, from breakfast and snacks to main courses and desserts.

8. Parenting

What is parenting blog about?

Parenting refers to the process of raising and nurturing a child from infancy to adulthood. Parenting involves a wide range of tasks and responsibilities, including feeding, clothing, and caring for the child’s health and well-being, supporting the child’s emotional and psychological development, guiding and teaching the child, and providing a positive and nurturing environment for the child to grow and learn.

A parenting blog is a website or blog that provides information, advice, and resources on various aspects of parenting. It is a platform where parents, caregivers, and experts can share their experiences, knowledge, and insights on raising children and supporting their development.

Parenting blogs may be written by parents, educators, psychologists, doctors, and other experts in child development and parenting. Some blogs posts are there for moms only. Overall, a parenting blog serves as a valuable resource and support system for parents and caregivers, providing information, inspiration, and advice on the joys and challenges of raising children.

Some common sub-niches can be from this niche:

  1. Pregnancy and childbirth: This sub-niche focuses on the prenatal and postnatal stages of parenting, including pregnancy care, childbirth, postpartum recovery, and newborn care.
  2. Infant and toddler care: This sub-niche focuses on the care and development of babies and toddlers, including feeding, sleeping, diapering, developmental milestones, and early learning.
  3. Education and learning: This sub-niche focuses on the academic and social development of children, including early childhood education, homeschooling, and parenting tips for raising successful learners.
  4. Behavior and discipline: This sub-niche focuses on strategies and techniques for managing children’s behavior and promoting positive discipline, including positive parenting, discipline methods, and behavior management strategies.
  5. Special needs parenting: This sub-niche focuses on parenting children with special needs, including developmental disabilities, learning differences, and medical conditions.
  6. Single parenting: This sub-niche focuses on parenting as a single parent, including balancing work and parenting responsibilities, co-parenting, and building a support system.

5 examples of blog in this niche:

  1. Scary Mommy – This blog covers a wide range of parenting topics with a humorous and relatable approach.
  2. The Bump – This blog focuses on pregnancy and newborn care, providing resources and advice for expecting and new parents.
  3. Aha! Parenting – This blog focuses on building a strong parent-child relationship, promoting positive discipline, and fostering children’s emotional and social development.
  4. The Art of Simple – This blog takes a minimalist approach to parenting and family life, offering tips and resources for simplifying and decluttering family routines and activities.
  5. Mommy Shorts – This blog provides a mix of humor, personal stories, and parenting advice, with a focus on the joys and challenges of raising young children.

9. Business

What is business niche blog about?

A business niche blog is a type of blog that focuses on topics related to business, entrepreneurship, and professional development. It covers the topics, including marketing, sales, finance, leadership, management, and more.

The goal of a business niche blog is to provide readers with valuable insights and information that can help them start, grow, and succeed in their own businesses or careers. Business blogs may also offer opportunities for networking and community engagement, such as online forums or social media groups.

Overall, It provides a platform for industry experts and thought leaders to share their knowledge and experience, and for readers to learn and connect with like-minded professionals.

Some sub-niches of business niche:

  1. Entrepreneurship: This sub-niche focuses on topics related to starting and running a business, including business planning, funding, legal issues, and marketing.
  2. Marketing and sales: This sub-niche focuses on strategies for marketing and selling products or services, including digital marketing, content marketing, social media marketing, and sales techniques.
  3. Finance and accounting: This sub-niche focuses on topics related to financial management, including accounting, bookkeeping, budgeting, and taxes.
  4. Leadership and management: This sub-niche focuses on topics related to leadership and management skills, including team building, employee engagement, performance management, and organizational culture.
  5. Technology and innovation: This sub-niche focuses on emerging trends and technologies in business, including cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and digital transformation.
  6. International business: This sub-niche focuses on topics related to conducting business across national borders, including cultural differences, legal issues, and international trade regulations.

5 business blog examples :

  1. Harvard Business Review – This blog features articles and resources from Harvard Business School faculty and other industry experts, covering topics such as leadership, management, and innovation.
  2. Entrepreneur – This blog focuses on entrepreneurship and small business, providing resources and advice for aspiring entrepreneurs and startup founders.
  3. Fast Company – This blog covers a range of business and technology topics, with a focus on innovation and creativity.
  4. Moz – Moz is a blog focused on digital marketing and SEO, providing tips and strategies for businesses looking to improve their online presence.
  5. HubSpot – This blog provides resources and advice on marketing, sales, and customer service, with a focus on inbound marketing strategies.

10. Technology

What is technology blog about?

A technology blog is a type of blog that focuses on topics related to technology. This can include a wide range of subjects such as software, hardware, gadgets, mobile devices, gaming, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, and this may also cover also cover news and trends related to the tech industry, as well as reviews of new products and services.

Some technology blogs may also focus on specific niches within the technology industry, such as mobile technology, computer hardware, or gaming, and may offer more specialized content targeted towards a specific audience. Many technology blogs also provide tutorials and how-to guides, helping readers to better understand and utilize technology in their everyday lives.

What are the sub-niches available in technology niche?

There are many sub-niches within the technology niche. Here are some common sub-niches of the technology niche:

  1. Mobile technology – a focus on mobile devices, operating systems, apps, and accessories
  2. Computer hardware – a focus on building and upgrading computers, components, and peripherals
  3. Gaming – a focus on gaming consoles, PC gaming, gaming peripherals, and video game reviews
  4. Artificial intelligence – a focus on AI technology, applications, and implications for society
  5. Cybersecurity – a focus on protecting computer systems and networks from unauthorized access or attack
  6. Software – a focus on computer software, including operating systems, productivity software, and creative software
  7. Internet of Things (IoT) – a focus on devices and technology that connect to the internet and can be controlled remotely

Some technology blog examples:

  1. TechCrunch – The site covers a wide range of technology-related topics, including news, reviews, and analysis of the latest gadgets, software, and hardware, as well as coverage of tech industry events and conferences since 2005.
  2. The Verge – The Verge features articles, reviews, podcasts, videos, and more, covering a variety of topics including consumer electronics, gadgets, software, and the tech industry as a whole since 2011.
  3. Gizmodo – The site is also known for its engaging and creative design, which combines text, images, and video to create a visually-rich and immersive reading experience since 2002.
  4. Engadget – Engadget is a popular technology news and media website that was launched in 2004.
  5. Mashable – Mashable has a large and engaged audience, with millions of monthly visitors, and is considered a leading source of information for technology enthusiasts, industry professionals, and anyone interested in staying up-to-date with the latest advancements in technology since 2005.

11. Education

What is education blog about?

Education refers to the process of acquiring knowledge, skills, values, and attitudes through various forms of learning, such as formal schooling, informal education, self-directed learning, or experience. It equips individuals with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in their chosen careers, make informed decisions, and contribute to their communities.

An education blog is a website that publishes content related to education, learning, teaching, and other related topics. It covers a wide range of topics, including educational technology, pedagogy, curriculum development, teaching strategies, student engagement, educational policy, and more.

Education blogs can be written by teachers, professors, students, or other professionals in the education industry. Education blogs can be a valuable resource for teachers, students, and anyone interested in education.

Some education blogs also provide resources such as lesson plans, worksheets, and other teaching materials.

What are the sub-niches in education blog?

There are lots of sub-niches can be. Some of them are:

  • Early Childhood Education – focuses on education for children from birth to age 8.
  • Higher Education – focuses on colleges and universities, including topics such as admissions, financial aid, and campus life.
  • K-12 Education – focuses on primary and secondary education, including topics such as curriculum development, classroom management, and teaching strategies.
  • Special Education – focuses on education for students with disabilities, including topics such as individualized education plans (IEPs) and assistive technology.
  • Educational Technology – focuses on the use of technology in education, including topics such as edtech tools, digital literacy, and online resources.
  • Language Learning – focuses on teaching and learning languages, including topics such as language acquisition, language learning strategies, and bilingual education.
  • Adult Education – focuses on education for adults, including topics such as continuing education, professional development, and lifelong learning.

Blogs on Programming Languages like :

  • C
  • C++
  • Python
  • Java
  • Javascript
  • C#
  • PHP
  • Ruby
  • Swift

5 educational blog examples:

  1. Edutopia
  2. TeachThought
  3. The Learning Network
  4. We Are Teachers
  5. ASCD Inservice

12. Gaming

What are gaming blog?

Gaming blogs are websites or online publications that focus on covering news, reviews, opinions, and other content related to video games and the gaming industry.Some gaming blogs also cover related topics such as esports, game development, and gaming culture.

People are taking benefits of gaming blog such as:

  • Up-to-date news and information: Gaming blogs provide the latest news and information on game releases, updates, events, and trends in the gaming industry.
  • In-depth reviews: Gamers can read comprehensive reviews of games, including graphics, gameplay, and storyline, helping them to make informed decisions about which games to purchase.
  • Opinion and analysis: Gaming blogs often offer opinions and analysis on the latest games and trends, helping readers to form their opinions and engage in discussions with other gamers.
  • Community building: Gaming blogs provide a platform for gamers to connect with others who share their interests, build communities, and engage in discussions on gaming-related topics.
  • Career opportunities: Gaming blogs can offer career opportunities for those interested in writing about gaming or pursuing careers in the gaming industry. Bloggers may also receive compensation through advertising and affiliate marketing.

Some most common sub-niches are:

  1. Game reviews: Focus on in-depth game reviews that provide an analysis of graphics, gameplay, storyline, and other features of the game.
  2. Esports: Focus on competitive gaming and coverage of esports events and leagues.
  3. Game development: Focus on game design, programming, and development news and insights.
  4. Gaming hardware: Focus on reviews and news related to gaming hardware, such as consoles, gaming laptops, and peripherals.
  5. Gaming culture: Focus on gaming communities, gaming events, and other aspects of gaming culture.
  6. Mobile gaming: Focus on mobile games and related news and reviews.
  7. Retro gaming: Focus on classic or older video games and related news and reviews.
  8. Game streaming: Focus on live streaming, let’s plays, and video game commentary.
  9. Game mods: Focus on game modifications and customizations created by players.

5 examples of gaming blog:

  1. IGN
  2. GameSpot
  3. PC Gamer
  4. Rock Paper Shotgun
  5. Eurogamer

13. Sports

14. Arts & Design

15. Entertainment

16. News

17. Science & Technology

18. Environment

19. Photography

20. Lifestyle

What is lifestyle blog about?

A lifestyle niche based blog is a type of blog that covers a range of topics related to everyday life and personal interests. Lifestyle content blogs are typically written by individuals who are passionate about sharing their experiences, opinions, and perspectives on different aspects of life. They often feature a mix of personal stories, tips, and advice on various lifestyle topics, as well as product recommendations and reviews.

Lifestyle blogs may cater to a specific demographic or lifestyle, such as wellness enthusiasts, fashionistas, or travel enthusiasts. They may also offer opportunities for community engagement, such as social media groups, events, and discussion forums.

Sub-niches of lifestyle niche:

Sometimes this blog niche competes to other niches such as:

  • Fashion and beauty
  • Travel
  • Food and cooking
  • Home decor and organization
  • Personal development and self-improvement
  • Parenting and family life
  • Fitness and wellness

5 examples of blog in lifestyle niche:

  1. The Everygirl – This blog provides resources and advice for women in their 20s and 30s, covering topics such as career, finance, wellness, and relationships.
  2. Camille Styles – This blog covers a range of lifestyle topics, including food, entertaining, home decor, travel, and personal style, with a focus on healthy and sustainable living.
  3. The Balanced Blonde – This blog focuses on wellness and self-care, with a focus on holistic health and mindfulness practices.
  4. Oh Joy! – This blog covers a range of lifestyle topics, including fashion, food, home decor, and parenting, with a playful and colorful aesthetic.
  5. Gal Meets Glam – This blog focuses on fashion and beauty, with a feminine and classic aesthetic.

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