Before starting how to create a website easily you need to know what is website and how it works :

How to create a website easily : A website is a web page or collection of web pages identified by a domain name and it is published on a web server. It can be created and maintained by any person, group or organization to serve various purposes. Also a website is known as ‘Web presence‘ or ‘site‘.

In the above definition the word “web page, domain name, web server ” mentioned. You need to know what are that..

  • Web page : A web page is a page which displays some content like image, text, videos etc. in browser and the page is a file with .html extension.
  • Domain name : Domain name is nothing but a website name through which user can interact or visit the website pages or website. Suppose a website name is , from this knowledgegrasp is the domain name.
  • Web server : A web server is a machine ( Software and Hardware ) where the web pages, images, videos etc. stored and that server uses HTTP ( Hyper Text Transfer Protocol ) to respond to clients or user requests made over World Wide Web and displays the content to client. And the process of storing the data into server machine is called hosting of a domain.


For creating a web page or web site we can use two methods ..

  • Either we have to do coding i.e there are certain coding or programming languages and frameworks like HTML,CSS,JAVASCRIPT, BOOTSRTAP,PHP, etc ect.
  • Or there are some tools & softwares are available in the Internet using that softwares website building is possible.


There are mainly two types of websites or web pages…

  1. Static website
  2. Dynamic website

Static website : Static websites are those type of websites where data will be only displayed, user can’t interact with these data like addition, updation, deletion, etc

Dynamic website : Dynamic websites are those type of websites where user can interact with data displayed in the website like user can do the CRUD operation there.

CRUD : CRUD is word which very common word for every developer which means C for Create, R for Read, U for Update & D for Delete.

Again creation of websites is divided into two parts which is Designing : Those who design Front End of a website are called web designer and Developing : Those who develop the Back End part of the website are called web developer .

Front End : Front End means the things like design , colors, headings, texts, images, layout of site etc user can watch.

Back End : Back End means the things like operations, working of a site , how user data getting stored and where getting stored, which data to display where how to display all those data , users registration , accessing with data etc etc.

Full Stack Developer : A full stack developer is a developer who covered both designing and developing of a website simply he will be doing both Front End Developing and Back End Developing and database part as well. Whatever the things need to do regarding this website.

Languages Used in Developing of a website are below :

  • HTML ( Hyper Text Markup Language ) —> For structure of a web page.
  • CSS ( Cascading Style Sheet ) —> For style of a web page.
  • JavaScript —> For Interactive and more dynamic web page.
  • PHP ( Hypertext Preprocessor ) —>It is a server site programming language. can be used for dynamic web development.
  • BOOTSTRAP —> It is a framework of CSS.
  • React.js, Angular.js, Express.js, Node.js —> Javascript framework.
  • Django, Flask —> Python Framework for Web applications.

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