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  • What is Indexing in Python?
    What is indexing in python: In Python Indexing is the process of extracting individual elements from a given collection. Whenever there is a data stored in memory they have certain address where they stored and they have some positions upon memory … Read more
  • What is Variable in Python 3?
    Variable is the name given to the memory allocation. This is the simplest definition of variable ever. What is variable in Python? It is not like that the definition of variable will be changed in language to language. Whether it’s Python … Read more
  • Why Python is Dynamically Typed Language?
    That’s why Python is dynamically typed language: In Python, it doesn’t required to declare the types of variable during defining of variable. The python interpreter automatically defines the type of variable at runtime. What does dynamically typed mean? Whenever we define … Read more
  • Why Python is interpreted language?Know reason?
    That is why Python is interpreted language: Python uses interpreter instead of compiler to compile and run its code so that output will be efficient . What is interpreted language? Interpreted language is a language in which the implementation and execution … Read more
  • What is python in hindi? Definition of Python
    What is python in hindi simply means definition of Python language in hindi. In this article I am going to write a simple definition of python programming language in English but later in the article a Youtube video will be embedded … Read more
  • Is Python OOPS easy to learn ?
    Definitely yes, Python’s object-oriented programming (OOP) features are a fundamental part of the language. Python’s syntax is simple and straightforward, which makes it easy for beginners to understand and learn. Overall, learning OOP in Python can be a relatively simple and … Read more