Why Python is Dynamically Typed Language?

That’s why Python is dynamically typed language: In Python, it doesn’t required to declare the types of variable during defining of variable.

The python interpreter automatically defines the type of variable at runtime.

What does dynamically typed mean?

Whenever we define a variable we need to declare that variable’s data type so that compiler can understand what type of data stored in that variable. Without being understanding variable’s data types compiler can’t be able to any operations with this variable and resulting program will be running failed we will not get our desired output.

In some programming languages it doesn’t required to declare the data type at time of defining variable because the interpreter automatically detect the type of variable at run time, this is dynamically typed and those languages support that type are called Dynamically Typed Language.

Those languages executed directly line by line without being compiled by compiler are called interpreted language

What does strongly typed mean?

A strongly typed language requires that every variable or expression be associated with a specific data type, and that the operations performed on those variables or expressions be compatible with their data types.

What is variable declaration:

In programming, variable declaration is a core part of programming where programmer defines the variables for storing data temporarily. The values of that variable can be changed. So here in some programming languages we have to declare the type of variable also which means we need to specify what type of value we are going to store in it.

But in Python its no need to specify data type at the time of variable declaration. In below image you can see the example

Variable Declaration in python

Different Types of data in programming

There are so many data types ( types of value ) in programming it depends upon programming languages includes:

  • String
  • Integer
  • Float
  • Complex
  • List
  • Set
  • Tuple
  • Range
  • Dictionary
  • Boolean, etc etc.

Why Python is Dynamically Typed Language in Hindi?

Explained in 1 minute Why python is dynamically typed language

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