What is Variable in Python 3?

Variable is the name given to the memory allocation. This is the simplest definition of variable ever.

What is variable in Python?

It is not like that the definition of variable will be changed in language to language. Whether it’s Python or C or Java, definition of variable remains same that this is the name given to the memory allocation, the value of variable can be changed based on programmers or users requirements.

On moving down to the article you will get to see how to assign the variable in python and more related topic as well.

What is variable in python in Hindi?

Here below I’m embedding one video for the reference

How to assign variable in python?

How to assign variable in python

In the above image variable name is X and its value is 10. So here observe one thing that the assigned value is in right side & the variable is in left.

In python variable direction is always right to left.

How to assign variable in Python in Hindi?

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