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What is highlighter pen ?

A yellow highlighter pen

A highlighter pen is a type of writing device used take attention to a particular text by marking them with a translucent color. A typical highlighter is fluorescent yellow, colored with pyranine. Different compound such as rhodamines (Rhodamine 6GD, Rhodamine B) are used for other colours.

In the world of stationery, a highlighter is a pen that is used to emphasize certain words, phrases, or passages in written text.

What is the use of highlighter pen ?

Highlighter pens are often used to emphasize or highlight important information in written materials. They are commonly used in academic and office settings to draw attention to key points in textbooks, notes, documents, and other written materials. Highlighters can also be used to organize information by color coding, making it easier to study and review notes.

In addition to their practical uses, highlighter pens are also used for creative purposes, such as scrapbooking and card making. They can be used to add bright accents and highlights to photographs, journal pages, and other projects.

Highlighter pen colors ?

There are almost in every color’s highlighter available in the market such as Green, Blue, Pink, Yellow, Orange, etc.

These color matters depending on which colored text you are going to highlight or mark.

For better presentation you should mark with a dark colored highlighter on a light text and in a dark text you should mark with a light colored marker.

Using highlighter pen in school is valid or not ?

Whether the use of highlighter pens in school is valid or not depends on the specific school’s policies and regulations.

Some schools encourage the use of highlighters as a tool to help students study and organize their notes, while others may prohibit or restrict their use. If you are unsure about your school’s policy on highlighters, you can check with your teacher or the school administration for clarification.

Which color of highlighter pen used most ?

There is no one particular color of highlighter pen that is used most. It can vary depending on personal preference and the task for which the highlighter is being used.

Yellow is often a popular choice as it is bright and easily visible on the page. Other common colors include pink, green, and blue, which are used to color-code notes and differentiate between different types of information.

Ultimately, the color of highlighter pen you choose to use will depend on your individual needs and preferences. Some people prefer to use multiple colors to keep their notes organized, while others prefer to stick to one color.

Highlighter pen price ?

Fortunately it is not possible to say anything about price of a highlighter but even it starts from 20 (INR) and there is no upper limit based on brand, size, type , color etc.

What makes highlighter so bright ?

Highlighter pen contain chemicals that absorb visible light as well as UV( ultraviolet) light, which human can’t see. The Ultraviolet lights excites the electrons in the inks molecules and causes them to enter a higher energy state.

Types of highlighter pen?

There are many different types of pens like ballpoint, fountain, rollerball, etc. Highlighters are in the same boat! They come with different inks, colors, and tip shapes.

The different types of highlighters include:

  1. Jumbo Jumbo highters
  2. Pocket Pocket highliters
  3. Gel Gel highlighters
  4. Glitter glitter highlighter
  5. Multicolored multicoloured highters
  6. Erasable eraseable highlighter
  7. Retractable retractable
  8. Eco-friendly Echo friendly
  9. Pastel pastel
  10. Highlighter pens pen

What is highlighter made of ?

Most highlighter ink contains fluorescein, which is an organic compound and dye that is soluble in water. The tip, on the other hand, is made from polyethylene or polyester beads, both of which are lightweight types of plastic.

What are the different highlighter tips ?

The tip can make a difference in how well the highlighter works for your notetaking.

There are four main styles:

  1. Window
  2. Chisel
  3. Bullet
  4. Dual
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