Bike Taxi Going to Start in Delhi | 5 rules are there

Delhi Bike Taxi Policy: Its mandatory to register two wheeler under commercial category along with installing GPS on bike to run as a bike taxi.

Delhi Transport Department’s plan for app-based bike taxi services has been approved by the Department of Law.

According to Transport Minister Kailash Gehlot, the law department had approved the aggregator plan.

Bike taxis are expected to be allowed to ply on the roads by May, he said passenger’s safety is priority but still still bike taxi’s are banned in Delhi.

Is private bikes allowed?

No, you’ll not be able to use your private vehicle under the new policy. According to senior officials it is no longer allowed white board two-wheeler in taxi. You must have the yellow and black number colored number plates which is registered under commercial category.

Driver’s identity on app

Driver’s identity will have to be given on the app and driver need a permit to operate the bike taxi. Transport Department will monitor the situation, while operating driver’s police verification need to be done and the companies will have to setup their 24/7 control rooms.

The 5 rules that should be obeyed

  1. Bike should be registered as commercial vehicle.
  2. GPS device should be installed on bike.
  3. Passenger should be able to book only through app.
  4. Driver’s police verification must be done.
  5. Along with DL driver’s bike taxi permit should have.


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What is app-based bike taxi?

What is bike taxi?

Bike are the taxi service where single passenger can book a bike to travel one place to another place by paying some amount. It depends on place, time that how much money should be paid by passenger.

App-based bike taxi?

App based bike taxi are those where passenger will book the bike through app over internet and there the different payment option will be there. Passenger may pay in the time of booking or after completing ride.

Why GPS is mandatory?

Through the GPS taxi aggregator company as well as police can track the vehicle where it is and if there is something wrong happens they can easily track and solve the issues.

Benefits of bike taxi

Benefits as a bike rider

  • Rider can end work early because his targeted amount will be earn in less time due to traffic bike can easily travel through traffic.
  • Maintenance cost will be less.

Benefits as a passenger

  • It will consume less time to travel.
  • Fare also will be lesser.
  • Bike can reach exactly at your pickup and drop location.

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