Rapido Bike Taxi News Updates 2023

Rapido bike taxi services are India’s most leading bike taxi services covering 100+ cities across India. According to Rapido’s website it crossed 10 million happy customers and 100 million rides.

Over the year Rapido advertising through various channels. Sometimes its roadside ad, big banner ad outside of railway stations, bus stops. But in 2023 Rapido has taken an outstanding steps for the advertising.

Rapido Bike Taxi Campaign in IPL 2023

Rapido launches a video campaign for IPL 2023 that “BIKE WALI TAXI sabse saxi” where clearly shows that a girl don’t want to go by the crowded bus and she book a rapido bike taxi to go easily to her destination without getting stuck in traffic jam.

Incidents happens with Rapido riders:

Rapido riders faces many more incidents specially the problem done by auto drivers in different different locations. Specially around Bangalore city auto drivers still making problems with Rapido riders.

Their problem with white board bike riders. They mention that “we bought a vehicle Rs. 3 lakh and we are paying huge amount as taxes , you bike rider people earning money with your private vehicle” and bike riders taking their passengers but it doesn’t make sense. If a passenger book an auto that passenger can never go through bike as because biker rider can’t find this passenger at all.

Some videos also goes viral on internet, they abuse the riders mentally even sometimes auto drivers start fighting physically with the rider.

Viral videos and Photos abusing riders

At Indiranagar Metro Station

Others places where auto drivers harasses bike drivers

  • Marathahalli
  • Hopefarm Signal
  • Majestic
  • Kudlu gate
  • Yeswanthpura and many more.

Again the auto drivers called strikes on demanding bike taxi ban in Bangalore but Government didn’t accept their demand, still bike taxi policy is on hold.

We want protection from auto driver: demand by riders

Bike taxi drivers was called a procession on March on demanding protection against harassment by auto-rickshaw drivers. It was held on Freedom Park, Bangalore and organised by Bike Taxi Association.

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